Water Inv. & OP

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Hydrochina Zhongnan has officially stepped into the water treatment industry since 2008. It has invested successively in a number of water plants in Hunan Province and other provinces on BOT/TOT basis and its current investment in water treatment has totaled at more than RMB 1 billion yuan (equivalent to around USD 660 million). Its water treatment business covers such provinces as Hunan, Yunnan and Zhejiang etc. and involves the fields including domestic wastewater treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, urban water supply and reclaimed water reuse.

Hunan Guiyang Guoshui Sewage Treatment Corporation

Hunan Chenzhou Guoshui Sewage Treatment Corporation

Hunan Yongxing Guoshui Sewage Treatment Corporation

Zhejiang Guoshui Environmental Protection Technology Company

Yunnan Guoshui Environmental Protection Technology Company

Wangjiatan Water Supply Reservoir and Pipe Networks in Anning, Yunnan

Hospital Sewage Treatment Project of Xiangtan Central Hospital in Hunan Province

Environmental Rehabilitation

Hydrochina Zhongnan always pays close attention to national environmental policies and development tendency of environmental concerns. Therefore, it set up a professional team directing at the increasingly serious problem of heavy metal pollution; it also carries out extensive communication and cooperation with scientific research institutes and enterprises at home and abroad. It is now capable of providing a whole package solution from planning to construction.

EPC Project for Treatment of Xintianling Mining Area in Beihu District, Chenzhou City of Hunan Province (Vice Governor Liu Liwei attended the opening ceremony)

EPC Project for Treatment of Xintianling Mining Area in Beihu District, Chenzhou City of Hunan Province

Product Information

1.The intelligent water treatment system management platform, which is researched and developed independently by Hydrochina Zhongnan, has won two software certifications, taking the lead in water treatment industry. This system is compatible with a variety of terminals like computer, mobilephone and PDA, which realizes remote mobile office anywher_e and anytime. Meanwhile, it also enables such functions as collectivized control and management, three-dimensional exhibition, real-time monitoring, remote operation and automatic warning.

Intelligent Water Treatment System

Intelligent Water Treatment System

2.The Hunan Public Information Platform of Environment Service is especially built up for Hunan Province Environmental Protection Department by Hydrochina Zhongnan, which fills in the gap of a public service platform in environmental protection and service industry.

Research and Development Strength

Hydrochina Zhongnan has invariably devoted itself in the research and development of new technologies and products in water treatment and environmental protection. It has set up a research and development team and established Hunan Province Water Treatment Engineering Research Center, which is the only professional public platform for technological innovation in the field of water treatment in Hunan province. In addition, it has developed a number of patented water treatment products, including “swirls shear bubble aerator”, “dual-stage high-efficiency filter”, “off-grid wind power seawater desalinator”. Up to now, Hydrochina Zhongnan has obtained over 20 related patented technologies and mastered the core technology in the industry.

Swirls Shear Bubble Aerator

Dual-stage High-efficiency Filter

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