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Engineering exploration and geotechnical engineering construction is a new specialty of HydroChina ZhongNan developed and grown on the basis of the original Investigation and Survey Department, mainly engaged in investigation of hydropower and water conservancy projects, geotechnical engineering exploration, treatment and construction.

In addition to Class A qualification for engineering investigation owned by HydroChina ZhongNan, we also have qualifications for professional contracting of foundation treatment of hydraulic structures (Grade I), professional contracting of ground and foundation engineering (Grade I), professional contracting of embankment works (Grade I), professional contracting of waterproofing for buildings (Grade II), professional contracting of hydraulic tunnels (Grade II), investigation for geological disaster treatment works (Class B), geological disaster treatment works construction (Class B), engineering investigation (Class B), engineering blasting design and construction (Class B), and so on, as well as over 300 sets of various types of equipment for geotechnical construction and investigation.

In recent decades, we participated in the planning investigation for dozens of rivers in nearly 20 provinces and regions and in the construction of over 100 large- or medium-scale hydropower projects. Especially, in the past few years, we extended our business to wind farm investigation and marine investigation and carried out hydropower engineering investigation for projects in Laos, Myanmar and other countries and hydrogeological investigation in Togo and some other African countries.

Over the past 20 years, we established complete management system of QMS, EMS and OHSAS for exploration and construction in aspects of landslide control, slope support, seepage-control grouting and quality test, waterproofing, foundation strengthening, cavern excavation, embankment protection and renovation, wind farm civil works, plumb line hole drilling, and large-diameter hole drilling, and obtained good social reputation. We conducted exploration for over 100 large- and medium-scale hydropower projects including Wuqiangxi, Fengtan, Tuokou, Baishi, Tuoba, Jiangpinghe, Longtan, Dongjiang, Longpan, Guxue, Lawa, Wuyue, Xiangjiaba and Tianchi, Hemifeng, Chongqing and Hainan PSPS and for slopes in reservoir areas, bridges, sluices, roads and civil buildings, as well as engineering investigation for wastewater treatment plants such as Anning and Guiyang.

We completed construction for more than 300 geotechnical works, corresponding to a total investment of 1.0 billion yuan. The major works are: high upright slope anchoring for the permanent ship lock of the Three Gorges HPP, diaphragm wall building for levees of Changsha Fengshun Polder Land, levee training works of the Xiangjiang River for old town of Changsha, civil work for aggregate conveyor line of Taiping Quarry for Xiangjiaba HPP, drainage tunnel for left-bank high slope of Xiangjiaba, EPC contracting for bank protection of Area B and for land leveling of Area B8B9 for new Suijiang County Town in Xiangjiaba reservoir area, dam grouting of Lot Ⅲ-2 for Longtan HPP, dam foundation curtain grouting and drainage tunnel construction of Longtan, foundation treatment and curtain works in front of the powerhouse of Lot II for Sanbanxi HPP, reinforcement against scouring of tailrace tunnel outlets for units 1 and 2 of Huanglongtan HPP, seepage control for Youchou HPP, Citongxi landslide mass control for Fengtan HPP extension project, pipe work across the Liuyang River for Changsha First Sewage Treatment Plant, anchor cable engineering for Xiaowan HPP, foundation works for wind turbines and box transformers for lots 1 and 3 of Phase I and for Phase II of Dongling Wind Farm, step-up switchyard and wind turbine foundation works for Shenchi Wind Farm, civil works for step-up switchyard, road and wind turbine foundation for Chenzhou Luhejin Wind Farm, water treatment works of Yinbazi Gully of Jinping HPP Phase I, diversion dam area grouting for Tuokou HPP, foundation treatment and manual hole digging piles for ZhongNan Boyuan Building, Zuwara Housing Project in Libya, and so on.

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