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Since 1980s in the last century, HYDROCHINA ZHONGNAN has started its EPC contracting with engineering design as its leading business. The first EPC contracting project assumed by HYDROCHINA ZHONGNAN is Shuiniangtang HPP located in Jingzhou, Hunan Province. In 1993, HYDROCHINA ZHONGNAN was awarded with Grade A qualification certificate for EPC contracting issued by National Ministry of Construction. Currently, main domestic EPC contracting projects carried out by HYDROCHINA ZHONGNAN include Taoyuan HPP in Hunan, Tiechuanqiao HPP in Yunnan, Suijiang field-leveling project in Yunnan, Luhejin wind power plant in Chenzhou, Chenzhou third sewage plant, Anning water supply project in Yunnan, Comprehensive Side Slope Treatment Project of Huanglongtan Dam. The total investment of EPC projects undertaken by HYDROCHINA ZHONGNAN amounts up to over RMB 10 billion yuan, in which the total installed capacity of hydropower and wind power project are 356MW and 236.5MW respectively, involving municipalities and provinces like Chongqing, Hunan, Shanxi, Jiangsu, Yunnan and Hubei and covering such industries as hydropower, water conservancy, wind power and new energy as well as municipal, industrial and civil works.

Basic Information of EPC Contracting by HYDROCHINA ZHONGNAN




Contract amount (million CNY)



Water conservancy and hydropower project

Shuiniangtang HPP

Huaihua, Hunan

Cemented masonry overflow gated dam, headrace system and powerhouse, with a total installed capacity of 150GW . Earth-rock excavation for main works 43.3×103m3, concrete and reinforced concrete 37.9×103m3,and cemented masonry 43.5×103m3.


Feb. 1989-July 1992

People’s Government of Jingzhou Dong Autonomous County, Hunan Province

Qifenghu Dam Project

Guzhang, Hunan

Earth-rock excavation 188.9×103m3, earth-rock filling 774.8×103m3, high pressure jet grouting 1.2×103m2, curtain grouting 668m2, and steel 325.9t.


Jan. 2003-Jun. 2004

People’s Government of Guzhang County

Chongqing Youchou HPP

Youyang, Chongqing

The main structures for the project are consisted of RCC gravity dam, overflow surface bay on the dam body, stilling pool, dam type water intake and powerhouse at dam toe. Primary work quantity for the main structures includes: open earth-rock excavation 850×103m3, underground rock excavation around 72.5×103m3, curtain grouting around 44×103m, consolidation grouting around 12.6×103m, concrete placement around 330×103m3, hydraulic metal structure and hoist about 2500t. The plant is equipped with 2 sets of 60MW units with a total installed capacity of 120MW.


Dec. 2005-Jan. 2009

Chongqing Youshui Hydropower Development Co., Ltd.

Tiechuanqiao HPP

Binchuan, Yunnan

Total installed capacity 42MW, annual utilization hour 4602h, firm output 8.39MW, annual mean power generation 19.328 MW×h. Hybrid development is employed for the plant, the main structures are RCC arch dam, headrace system and surface powerhouse.


Nov. 2008-Dec. 2011

Yunnan Datang Bingchuan Hydropower Co., Ltd.

Taoyuan HPP

Changde, Hunan

Total installed capacity 180MW with 9 sets of 20MW tubular units. The annual mean power generation is 793 GW•h and the installed annual utilization hour 4404h. The main works include such hydraulic structures as powerhouse, flood discharge gate and navigation structure.



Hunan Taoyuan Hydropower Development Co., Ltd.

Chongqing Youchou Reservoir Reconstruction Project

Youyang, Chongqing

The project includes the reconstruction of transportation, electric power, communication and water conservancy affected by Youchou HPP and the necessary protective project to eradicate inundation impact.


May 2006-Dec.2009

Chongqing Youshui Hydropower Development Co., Ltd.

Relocation project in Daxiji Town, Youchou, Chongqing

Youyang, Chongqing

The project planning period lasted from the base year 2004 to the target year 2008. Till the target year, the planned population is 4260, total construction land 32.29hm2, construction land per capita 75.8m2.


Sep. 2007-Dec.2009

Chongqing Youshui Hydropower Development Co., Ltd.

Wind power project

Shanxi Shenchi Wind Power Plant

Shenchi, Shanxi

One 110kV booster station, 24×2MW wind power generator units, total installed capacity 48MW.


Aug. 2007-Dec.2009

Shanxi Yunguang Wind Power Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Dongling Phase Wind Power Project

Rudong, Jiangsu

One 220kVbooster station, 44×1.5MW+2×2MW wind power generator units, total installed capacity 70MW.


May 2008-Dec. 2009

Jiangsu Dongling Windpower Co., Ltd.

Hunan Chenzhou Luhejin Wind Power Plant

Chenzhou, Hunan

Total installed capacity 48MW with 24 sets of 2MW wind power generator units. Annual on-grid power output is 90.07 GW·h, equivalent annual full load hour 1877h, capacity factor 0.214. One 110kV booster substation is built.


Nov. 2010-Dec. 2011

XEMC New Energy

Hunan Chenzhou Luye Wind Power Plant

Chenzhou, Hunan

Total installed capacity 22MW, including 11 sets of 2MW units.



XEMC New Energy

Municipal works

Xiangjiang River Flood Control and Sightseeing Belt Project

Changsha, Hunan

Total embankment length 2850m.


Dec. 1998-Dec. 2006

Construction Headquarters of Xiangjiang Riverside Road Flood Control Project

Liye Flood Control Project

Longshan, Hunan

Earth-rock open excavation 1278.1×103m3, rock underground excavation 10.5×103m3, earth-rock filling 1695.7×103m3, cemented masonry and precast concrete block 73.2×103m3, reinforcement 552t, hydraulic metal structure 11.53t, geo-textile/geo-membranes 231.7×103m2, sod revetment 77.6×103m2, asphalt pavement 58.1×103m2.


Jan. 2002-Dec. 2004

People’s Government of Longshan County, Hunan Province

Guiyang Sewage Plant

Guiyang, Hunan

Carrousel oxidation ditch treatment process is employed, the total capacity 60×103t/d, two-phased construction with a capacity of 30×103t/d for Phase I.


Dec. 2008-Mar. 2010

Hunan Guiyang Sino Water Sewage Treatment Co., Ltd.

Hunan Chenzhou Third Sewage Plant

Chenzhou, Hunan

A2/O process is employed for this plant (i.e. A-A-O, anaerobic-anoxia-oxic), the total capacity 180×103 m3/d, in which 45×103 m3/d for Phase 1.


July 2009- Oct. 2010

Hunan Chenzhou Sino Water Sewage Treatment Co., Ltd.

Field-leveling Project of Relocation of Suijiang County, Yunan

Suijiang, Yunnan

This project includes embankment protection for Zone B and field-leveling for B8 and B9.

Embankment protection for Zone B has an excavation of 17×103 m3, counterfort retaining wall 6000 m3, rubble concrete retaining wall 32×10m3.

B8 and B9 field-leveling project has a total excavation of 410×10m3, total filling of 49×10m3, surface clearing of 54×10m3, cemented masonry retaining wall of 10000 m3, and rubble concrete retaining wall of 25×10m3.


Dec. 2010-Aug. 2011

ResettlementHeadquarters of Suijiang County, Yunnan Province

Other projects

Landslide Improvement Project for Luoping Town

Yuanling, Hunan

Earth-rock excavation 109×103m3, filling 115×103m3, concrete 806m3, reinforcement 27t, anchor bolt 13t, anchor cable 168t, cemented masonry 5300m3, cement mortar spraying protection 18.8 ×103m2, sod revetment 15.4×103m2.


May 2001-Apr. 2002

Resettlement Special Works Company of Yuanling County

Comprehensive Treatment of Side Slope of Huanglongtan Dam

Shiyan, Hubei

The slope treatment area is about 4800m2, adopting a comprehensive scheme of “pumice cleaning up + anchor pile + anchor bolt + reinforced concrete lattice beam + flexible protective screening+ plants growing + interception and drainage”. The main works includes 317 reinforced anchor piles, 317 anchor bolts, 1015 lattice beam reinforced anchor bolts, 1518m reinforced concrete grid beam, and 4800m2SNS flexible protective screening.


Mar. 2011- Dec. 2011

HuanglongtanHydropower Plant, Hubei Electric Power Company


Pic. 1: Shuiniangtang HPP, located in Jingzhou County of Hunan Province, has a total installed capacity of 15 MW and is first EPC project undertaken by HYDROCHINA ZHONGNAN.



Pic 2: Youchou HPP, located in Youyang County of Chongqing, has a total installed capacity 120 MW and is the Large (II) Project


Pic 3: Tiechuanqiao HPP, located in Binchuan County of Yunnan Province, has a total installed capacity of 42 MW and is the first EPC project with open tendering by the five largest power corporations in China.


Pic 4: Taoyuan HPP, located in Taoyuan County of Hunan, has a total installed capacity 180 MW.


Pic 5: Reconstruction work of Daxiji Town of Youchou, mainly including municipal internal project of the town’s new site, the town’s external water supply project and the town’s wharf project.


Pic 6: Farmland protection project in Youchou Reservoir with a total farmland area of 2200 mu(146.67 ha).


Pic 7: Phase I Dongling Wind Power Project, located in Rudong County of Jiangsu Province, has a total installed capacity 70.5 MW.


Pic 8: Shenchi Wind Power Plant, located in Shenchi County of Shanxi Province, has a total installed capacity of 48MW.


Pic 9: Chenzhou Luhejin Wind Power Plant, located in Chenzhou of Hunan Province, has a total installed capacity of 48MW.


Pic 10: Liye Flood Control Embankment Project, located in Longshan County of Hunan Province, has a total project area 2.4km2.


Pic 11: Guiyang Sewage Plant, located in Guiyang County in Chenzhou, Hunan; it has a total capacity of 60×103t/d and is to be constructed in two phases, with 30×103t/d for Phase 1.


Pic 12: Chenzhou Third Sewage Plant, located in Chenzhou of Hunan Province, has a total capacity of 180×103t/d. The plant will be constructed in three phases with a capacity of 45×103t/d for Phase I.


Pic 13: Pushi Flood Control Project, located in Luxi County of Hunan Province. The total length of the flood control embankment is 2.1km.


Pic 14: Slope Treatment Project of Huanglongtan Dam, in Shiya of Hubei Province


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