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HYDROCHINA ZHONGNAN has already set its foot in the design for industrial and civil works and urban planning since the beginning of 1980s. Over the past 20 years, it has accomplished the design for more than 200 projects, with a total floor area up to 5,000,000 m2, including 30 buildings with more than 20 floors each and the highest up to 38 floors. It has provided resettlement planning for the counties of Luxi, Jianhe, Suijiang and Pingshan.

Pic 1: Aerial View of Luxi County

Pic 2: Changsha Tianhan Grand Theater, having a land area of 10, 220m2, a floor area of 4049 m2 and a total building area of 28,122m2; the main structure is 24m high; the theater could accommodate 1,204 seats and the concert hall accommodate 883 seats; the Theater is a First Class Grand one.

Pic 3: Liuyang Gym, is located at the north of the stadium of the sports center west of the Station Road of Liuyang; it is beautiful in surrounding environment and is one of the landmark buildings of Liuyang City; it is the Second Class sports building. The Gym is 2.84hm2 in total land area and 20990 m2 in total building area, including the two parts of the basketball arenas (3,010 in total) and natatorium (1,311 in total). The Gym was awarded the third prize of Hunan Excellent Civil Architecture of Engineering Investigation and Design in 2012.

Pic 4: Design of ZHONGNAN Boyuan Mansion. This Mansion has a total land area of 10443.37m2 and a total building area of 61747.29m2, including the 23 floors of hotel and office building of Block A and the 30 floors of residential building of Block B. Both blocks are connected into a whole by the three floors of skirt building, which are the 2 floors of full basement and one storey of semibasement.

For the last 18 years, HYDROCHINA ZHONGNAN has undertaken the design for more than 80 bridges, including the existing Guangdong Lianjiang Bridge with a total length of 508m, the Hongshui River Longtan Bridge (55m+2×95m+55m) flexible pier bridge with continuous rigid frame and 3-dimensional pre-stressed box girder by the cast-in-place cantilever method, Longtan Buliuhe Grand Bridge (145m+235m+145) the thin-wall hollow pier bridge with continuous ridge frame of prestressed concrete, Jinsha River Grand Bridge on the south bank of No. 213 National Highway in the Xiangjiaba HPP Reservoir area (117.5 m +200 m +117.5 m) the bridge with continuous rigid frame of prestressed concrete, Dawenxi Grand Bridge (110m+250m+110m) the prestressed concrete semi-floating cable-stayed bridge with twin towers and double cable planes and Xiaowenxi Grand Bridge (80 m +145 m +80m) the prestressed concrete bridge with continuous rigid frame.HYDROCHINA ZHONGNAN has also accomplished a number of highway, tunnel and wharf projects, including the access road to Sanbanxi HPP with a total length of 81.25km; access road to Xiangjiaba HPP with a total length of 14.09km including the tunnel of 5.326km in design length; the Batang-Lawa Highway 11.53km in total length including the 3.103 km long Bachu River Tunnel; 9 aggregate tunnels for Xiangjiaba HPP with a total tunnel length of 29.332km and the 6.451km tunnel as the longest, Xiangjiaba Heavy Cargo Wharf of Xiangjiaba HPP with a max. berth at 1000t and a lifting capacity of 550t.

Pic 6: Guangdong Yangshan Lianjiang BridgePic 7: Longtan Bridge

Pic 8: On-site Access of Xiangjiaba HPPPic 9: On-site Access Tunnel of Xiangjiaba HPP

List of HYDROCHINA ZHONGNAN-Supervised Industrial and Civil Works

Project Name

Project Scale

Starting and Ending Time


Meizhou International Commercial Development Center

78000m2 with 20 floors of office building and14 floors of residential building.


Meizhou International Commercial Development Co., Ltd.

Sanxiang Grand Bazaar

Building area 48000m2


Sanxiang Development Co., Ltd.

Apartment Block of Three Gorges Corp. in Yichang

10800m2 for18 floors


China Three Gorges Corporation

Lotus Hotel of Changde Cigarette Factory

36500m2 for 28 floors, four-star hotel


Changde Cigarette Factory

※Shanghai Jinmao Tower

295,000m2 for 88 floors


State Economic and Trade Commission

Guangxi Hechi Construction Building

12000mfor 20 floors


Construction Bank of China, Hechi Branch, Guangxi

SANY Complex Building

15000m2 for 7 floors


SANY Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

Henan Gushi ABC Building

8200m2 for 16 floors


Rural Credit Cooperative Association, Gushi Branch, Henan

Shanghai Pengxin Garden

68200mfor residential area


Shanghai Pengxin Real Estate Group

※Changsha Southern Building Materials Center

45000m2 for the 30 floors of hotel office building


Hunan Southern Building Materials Co., Ltd.

Dongcheng Building

32000m2 for the 28 floors of apartment-office building


Changsha Dongcheng Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Zhangjiajie Electric Power Dispatching Building

8800m2 for 16 floors


Hunan Zhangjiajie Electric Power Bureau

Reconstruction Planning for Old City of Shangsheng Street in Qijiang, Chongqing Municipality

12ha of residential area


People’s Government of Qijiang County, Chongqing

Rural Planning for Changsha Wuxing Village

45ha of residential area


People’s Government of Yuelu District

Library of Hunan Water Conservancy School

7200m2 for 8 floors


Hunan Water Conservancy School

Complex Building for the 3rd Construction Company of Fifth China State Construction Engineering Corp. at Jinshanzui in Shanghai

24000m2 for 20 floors of office building


the 3rd Construction Company of Fifth China State Construction Engineering Corp., Shanghai Branch

※Tianhan Grand Theater

28000m2 for 1200 seats


Changsha Bureau of Culture

※Tea House of Changsha Museum

1500m2 for 4 floors


Changsha Bureau of Culture

※Complex Building and Residential Area of Chenzhou National Tax Bureau

11500m2 for 16 floors; residential area of 20000m2


Chenzhou National Tax Bureau

Gym of Hunan Electric Power Training Center

8500m2 for 2000 seats


Hunan Electricity Bureau

Border Crossing Living Area of Hengqin Island Customs, Zhuhai

55000mof residential area


Zhuhai Fu’an Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

Huaihua Electric Power Dispatching Building

19000m2, 21 floors


Huaihua Electric Power Bureau

New Residential Quarters for Teachers of Hunan Police College

44000m2, 220 villas


Hunan Senior Public Security College

Pindu Mansion

53480m2, 2 blocks of 22-storey commercial and residential building


Chongqing Wanming Property Management Development Co., Ltd.

Design and Consultancy for the SC Bidding Section at Guangzhou Metro Line 2

Total investment at RMB 2.1 billion yuan


Guangzhou Metro Co., Ltd.

×Changde Flood Control Commanding and Dispatching Center

21000m2, 25 floors


Changde Water Conservancy Bureau

Hongshan Temple Grand Bazaar

Covering area of 50000m2; building area of 45000m2


Hongshan Temple Real Estate Development Co,. Ltd.

County Government Building of Qijiang County Party Committee


21000m2, 8 floors


Chongqing Qijiang Country Government

Changsha Science Homeland

76000m2, high-class residential area


Jinbang Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Master Plan for Jianhe County in Guizhou Province



People’s Government of Jianhe County

Changsha Sugarbush Oasis Apartment Blocks

Building area of 220.000m2


Hunan Chuangyuan Real Estate Co,. Ltd.

Office and Residential Building for the Electricity Bureau in Lengshuitan

Building area of 35,000 m2


Lengshuitan Electricity Bureau

Landscape Design of Section C for Flood Control Project on Xiang River Road

Embankment length of 1,600m


Changsha Municipal Construction Committee

×Changsha Kaifu District Qingzhuhu Foreign Languages School

Building area of 40,000 m2


Changsha Kaifu District Qingzhuhu Foreign Languages School

Complex Building of Yuebei Community, Shilingtang Resettlement Area

Building area of 100,000 m2


Guanshaling Subdistrict Office

ZHONGNAN Boyuan Mansion

62,000 m2 for office, commercial and residential purposes


Hunan Zhongnan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Jinrixingcheng Xianglan Residential District in Chenzhou City

Building area of 40,000 m2


Chenzhou Zhenxing Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Residential Building for Tax Bureau in Chenzhou City

Building area of 35,000 m2


Chenzhou National Tax Bureau if Beihu District

Yulongwan Residential District for the Comprehensive Management Project on Yuxi River in Yizhang

Building area of 70,000 m2


Yizhang Yuxi Comprehensive Investment Co., Ltd.

Baweicao Residential Area in Shuifu County

Building area of 160,000 m2


Immigration Office in Shuifu County

Design and Planning of Office and Residential Area on the Left Bank of Xiangjiaba

350,000 m2 for office, hoteling and residential purposes


Xiangjiaba Construction Department of Three Gorges Corporation

Changde Flood Control Commanding and Dispatching Center

Building area of 21,830 m2 in total


Changed Water Conservancy Bureau

Complex Office Building of Electricity Bureau in Badong County

Building area of 11,970 m2 with 14 floors in total


Electricity Corporation in Dongba County, Hubei Province

Office and Residential Area of Land and Resources Bureau in Dao County

Building area of 11,360 m2 in total


Land and Resources Bureau in Dao County

Libya ZUWARA House Building Project

Building area of 1,150,000 m2 in total with 5,000 suites


Libya Development, Administration and Management Center

※ Shanghai Jinmao Tower: HYDROCHINA ZHONGNAN has participated in the detailed design.
※ Changsha Southern Building Materials Center: awarded the 3rd Prize of Hunan Excellent Works.
※Tianhan Grand Theater: awarded the 1st Prize of Hunan Excellent Works.
※Tea House of Changsha Museum: awarded the 3rd Prize of Hunan Excellent Works.
※Complex Building and Residential Area of Chenzhou National Tax Bureau: awarded the Prize of Hunan Excellent Works.
※Changde Flood Control Commanding and Dispatching Center: awarded the 2nd Prize of Hunan Excellent Survey and Design.
※Changsha Kaifu District Qingzhuhu Foreign Languages School: awarded the 3rd Prize of Hunan Excellent Survey and Design.

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