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Going abroad, going global, participating in international competition and carrying out international operation are the only way for HYDROCHINA ZHONGNAN to achieve sustainable and scientific development. In 1960s, HYDROCHINA ZHONGNAN has undertaken a number of foreign economic aid programs, including Bhote Koshi HPP in Nepal, Nilanbi HPP in Sri Lanka, Antafofo HPP in Madagascar, Mujelie HPP in Burundi, and Kifil Shinafiya Irrigation Project in Iraq, all of which have won good reputation in the host countries.

In the recent years, entrusted by the Ministry of Commerce, HYDROCHINA ZHONGNAN has successively carried out foreign aid programs in training, complete equipment and technical assistance; it has successfully held two sessions of training seminars of “China-aid Training Seminar on Hydropower Station Technology” and “Seminar on Design and Construction of Automatic Hydrological Data Acquisition System for Developing Countries”; it undertook the first China-aid New Energy Programs of North Korean Wind Power Project and Kazakhstan Wind Power Project; it carried out the aid program of “illuminating Africa” Port Loko Hydropower Project and the residential and flood control program for servicemen of East Timor; it carried out the new technological aid program of comprehensive planning program for Rio Magdalena in Columbia. The programs mentioned above have received high praise from the governments of aided countries and the related departments and senior staff of the Ministry of Commerce. HYDROCHINA ZHONGNAN has been awarded the qualification certificate from the DACON Information center of World Bank in 1998.

Currently, HYDROCHINA ZHONGNAN has undertaken more than 40 international projects, covering fields like river basin planning, clean energy (wind power, hydropower and solar power etc.), engineering investigation and design, supply of whole set of equipment, supervision consulting, civil and industrial works, transportation and EPC contracting etc. Up to now, HYDROCHINA ZHONGNAN has a business scope involving 30 countries of Vietnam, Combodia, Burma, Laos, Nepal, Libya, the Republic of Colombia, Iran, Turkey, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone.

The official signing of the Contract of SonLa Complete Set of Electromechanical Equipment in Vietnam and the Agreement of Comprehensive Planning of Rio Magadalena in the Republic of Colombia signify the remarkable enhancement of HYDROCHINA ZHONGNAN in its ability of “going abroad”.

Signing Ceremony of Memorandum for Comprehensive Planning of Rio Magdalena in the Republic of Colombia
Mr. Xi Jinping, the vice chairman of China and Mr. Santos, the vice president of the Republic of Colombia, attended the signing ceremony of Memorandum for Comprehensive Planning of Rio Magdalena in the Republic of Colombia.


Witnessed by the state leaders from both China and the Republic of Colombia, Mr. Wang Bin, the general manager signed a package of MOU for project cooperation over the Magdalena River Basin with the Minister of Communications of the Republic of Colombia.


Distribution of Overseas Market


International Projects

Project Name

Project Size

Service rendering


Housing Units Project in Zuwara, Libya.

Total floor area of 1.15 million m2

EPC contracting


Son La HPP in Viet Nam

Total installed capacity 6×400MW

Complete E&M equipment supply


Song Bang 5 HPP in Viet Nam

Total installed capacity 2×28.5MW

Complete E&M equipment supply


Srepok 3 HPP in Viet Nam

Total installed capacity 2×110MW

Complete E&M equipment supply


Paklay HPP in Laos

Total installed capacity 10×132MW



Kirirom III HPP in Cambodia

Total installed capacity 2×9MW

Design and Supervision


Hutgyi HPP in Myanmar

Total installed capacity 8×170MW



Rudbar HPP in Iran

Total installed capacity 450MW



FAN HPP in Ethiopia

Total installed capacity 2×48.5MW



Bhote Koshi HPP in Nepal

Total installed capacity 45MW




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