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1. General

Geophysical Prospecting and Testing Center, set up in 1958, is the division of HydroChina ZhongNan Engineering Corporation responsible for geophysical prospecting and quality detection. As a technical unit engaged in engineering geophysical prospecting, project quality nondestructive inspection, geotechnical engineering investigation and testing, and environment radioactivity evaluation, we are equipped with a batch of advanced technical equipment valued 10 million yuan, including American seismic signal enhancement detector, RD4000 pipeline apparatus, EH4 conductivity section plotter, ground penetrating radar, electromagnetic wave scanner for boreholes, multi-function high-density electromagnetic system, and color television video system for boreholes.

In over 50 years of practice, we have created a technical service system supported by conventional geophysical prospecting approaches such as seismic, electrical, electromagnetic wave and acoustic wave methods, borehole video recording, and elastic modulus testing, and possess advanced technical level in engineering geophysical exploration, project quality detection, dike incipient fault detection, etc. We have participated in national key scientific and technological projects, prepared the Code for Geophysical Prospecting for Water Conservancy and Hydropower Projects (DL/T5010-2005) published in 2005 as the main participant, and obtained many outstanding achievements in the application of elastic wave and electromagnetic wave CT scanning, borehole color video recording, rapid project quality detection, and quick measurement of rock mass physical and mechanical parameters. We have already become one of the most technically advanced units in this field in water conservancy and hydropower sector and accumulated 40 years of successful experience especially in technologies of overburden exploration and fracture structure, karst and cave detection. We are the first one that ascertained karst seepage channel of large reservoir by cross-hole electromagnetic CT and superficial layer reflection method in 1989 in engineering investigation sector and ascertained karst and cave positions and sizes in large industrial and civil buildings. The Study and Application of Engineering Geophysical Tomography Technology we independently completed won the Science and Technology Progress Award of HydroChina Corporation in 2007. We have carried out productive geophysical prospecting for over 70 large- and medium-scale hydropower projects in south central China and southwest China (over 40 are existing ones and over 30 are under construction or to be built), various types of industrial and civil buildings and geotechnical works, offered a lot of reliable engineering geophysical prospecting and testing results and obtained good social benefits and reputation.

2. Introduction of Technology

(1) Scope of application

Geophysical prospecting and quick project construction quality detection for water conservancy and hydropower projects:

l Stratification detection for overburden and rock mass weathering

l Sliding mass detection

l Buried structure and karst detection

l Rock mass physical and mechanical parameter measurement

l Hydrogeological probing and parameter measurement

l Foundation surface acceptance check

l Grouting (curtain, consolidation or backfill) quality detection

l Anchor pile and anchor rod quality detection and pull-out test

l Advanced prediction for tunneling

l Concrete construction quality detection

l Surrounding rock relaxation deformation testing

l Blasting vibration test and monitoring

l Steel structure mass nondestructive testing

l Dike leakage probing

l Rock-soil resistivity and ground resistance measurement

l Physical and mechanical parameter measurement for rock-fill dams or earth dams

l Environmental radioactivity measurement and evaluation

Engineering geophysical prospecting and quality detection for industrial and civil buildings:

l Underground utility probing

l Stratum physical and mechanical parameter field test

l Earth surface and composite foundation bearing capacity test

l Micro-tremor test and sand liquefaction test and judgment

l Ground conductivity measurement for transmission lines

l Dynamic compaction and compacted foundation investigation and test

l Detection of pile foundation and pile body structural integrity and pile length

l Single-pile bearing capacity static load test

l Foundation kinetic parameter test

l Concrete mass and member strength and quality detection

l Highway and airport construction quality detection

l Environmental quality (air, noise, vibration) detection

(2) Photos of geophysical prospecting and testing scenes and results

Ground penetrating radar detection for aggregate belt conveyor tunnel roof for Xiangjiaba HPP to ascertain unstable rock, unfavorable structural plane and karstWater seismic exploration for Dongwanghe HPP dam site area to ascertain riverbed overburden depth and bedrock integrity at dam axis


High-density electrical method test site for Tuokexun Wind Farm in Xingjiang to measure roil resistivity and stratify overburden

On-site verification of anchor rod test result (for the anchor rod shown, its design length is 9.0m, test result is 1.8m, and actual length is 1.85m)


Third-party water pressure test at grouting site for Tingzikou HPP

Project quality detection for rebar corrosion in concrete for a cascade power station on Tianquan River in Sichuan


Surface wave detection for rockfill dam quality

Acoustic wave testing to detect blasting relaxation thickness and measure rock mass physical and mechanical indexes


Electromagnetic wave CT scanning result for karst probing of foundation for extension of Jinzhushan Power Plant

Testing result with EH-4 conductivity section plotter for ground water confining bed elevation probing for Zhongliang HPP


Screenshot of color video recording for 400m-deep borehole in underground powerhouse area for Hainan PSPS

Detection result with ground penetrating radar for karst probing of foundation surface for dam foundation excavation of Tuokou HPP

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