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We have developed and applied production management, financial, outsourcing management information system and realized networked and automated office work. All our technical and management staffs are equipped with desktops and laptops. A Local Area Network was set up in 1998, and resident design representative offices and supervision offices at all project sites are connected with the head office via Intranet. The rate of CAD drawing plotting reached 100% in 1999, and currently we are pushing forward 3D design.

The infrastructure covers an area of 210,000 m2, of which 91,000 m2 is office building, 50,000 m2 is testing area. There are over 100 various test rooms with a floor area of 16,300 m2. Three laboratories/test centers have passed national metering or testing authentication. We are fully furnished with different types of hydraulic test systems, engineering material and chemical testing and measuring instruments, geotechnical test equipment and other modern equipment and instruments for scientific research. Advanced technical equipment has improved our capacity to accomplish investigation and design tasks in a quality and efficient manner.

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