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Through over 60 years of development, we have developed core technologies in RCC dams, high concrete-faced rockfill dams, underground works, flood-releasing and energy dissipation, automatic hydrological data measurement and transmission, navigation structures, large-scale turbo-generator units, and offshore wind power, solar power and other new energy sectors, mainly reflected in such fields as high RCC dam design, huge underground powerhouse design, design of 200m-level high CFRD filled with super-hard rock materials, design of high-head large-unit-discharge energy dissipation by hydraulic jump, large pumped-storage power station design, design and construction of large automatic hydrological information measurement and transmission systems, and intelligent optimal scheduling of reservoirs and reservoir groups. We have won more than 250 technology prizes of provincial/ministerial level or above successively, of which there are 20 national-level prizes for scientific and technologic progress, 7 gold prizes and 3 silver prizes for national excellent engineering investigation and design. Longtan Dam designed by us won the International Milestone RCC Project Award. Currently, we have 85 authorized patents (19 patents for invention and 66 patents of utility model) and 29 software registration certificates issued by the National Copyright Administration of China.

We have undertaken a number of national scientific and technological projects in the Seventh-, Eighth-, Ninth-Five Year Plan Period, projects in National Scientific and Technological Support Program during the Eleventh- and Twelfth-Five Year Plan Period, projects in National 863 Plan, and national scientific research projects for public warfare, participated in preparing (revising) more than 100 national and industry technical codes and standards, and achieved a batch of high-level research findings, of which some are at the “commanding heights” in hydropower technology and some represent the advanced technical level and developing trend at home and abroad. Our scientific research findings have been widely applied in Longtan, Xiangjiaba, Guangzhao, Ertan and other hydropower projects and obtained significant economic, social and environmental benefits.

We set up a postdoctoral research center in 2006, which was awarded as Advanced Unit in Postdoctoral Centers of Hunan Province in 2011. We were identified as a high-tech enterprise of Hunan Province in 2008 and passed the review in 2011, and were selec_ted as a key high-tech enterprise of National Torch Program. Furthermore, we signed an agreement to be one of the first batch of ten water-related organizations of Asia-Europe Water Resources Research & Utilization Center in 2011, and the Key Water Resources Utilization Technology Laboratory of Hunan Province and the Water Treatment Engineering Research Center of Hunan Province applied and approved in the same year are under construction now.

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