Talent Philosophy

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    We know well that it's the people that make us competitive. We have made great efforts to create a harmonious and progressive team atmosphere and converted the potential advantage in human capital to productivity through human capital operation. We have established a complete set of personnel selec_tion, incentive, and promotion mechanism based on human capital operation and closely integrated assessment, distribution, personnel appointment, rewards and penalties systems. We have allocated capital, projects, posts, market resources and other enterprise resources with the human capital as the core, and that has made our productivity at the best state all the time. Implementing the strategy of strengthening the company through human resource development has fostered the building of an expertise team consisting of high-level technological personnel and professional leaders, and now we have a group of professional technical experts and senior management personnel in hydropower investigation and design, supervision, EPC contracting, new energy, overseas projects and other business areas. The high value-added products and services they designed and offered have made brilliant achievements and remarkable influence in water conservancy and hydropower fields, enabled rapid business development in new energy, environment protection, public facilities, and transportation and unceasing breakthroughs in overseas business, and provided strong guarantee for our transformation strategy and internationalization strategy. Our human capital has been maintained and increased by respecting and gathering talented people and providing them a platform for development, opportunities of respectable and sustainable jobs, good working environment, ample personalized training opportunities, and competitive compensation and benefits. Based on that, we have made outstanding contribution to the development of energy industry for human beings. 
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