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Shangyoujiang HPP

Shangyoujiang HPP, located at Shangyou County of Jiangxi Province, has a hollow gravity arch dam (maximum height 67.5m) and an installed capacity of 60MW. It is the first hydropower project that we investigated and designed. It mainly aims at power generation and brings about benefits in flood control, irrigation, navigation, cultivation, etc. It is the largest one of the four hydropower projects commenced in the 1st Five-Year Plan period in China.

The formation of the Shangyou River Basin is mainly of metamorphic rocks of Lower Paleozoic and sedimentary formation of Upper Paleozoic, and secondary of igneous rocks intruded in Cretaceous Period. The major rocks include slate, phyllite, metasandstone, quartz sandstone, sandstone, quartzite, shale, and granite, and most are at mixed zone of granite and metamorphic rocks. The granite is mainly distributed in three area, i.e., upstream of Fougang of the Guting River, Yingqian of the Yingqian River, and downstream of Tieshanguan of the Shangyou River.

The project mainly consists of a dam, a powerhouse, penstocks, spillway and a substation. The dam lies at the V-shaped gorge at Tieshanguan wher_e the river surface is 40m wide, and is of reinforced concrete hollow gravity arch type, 153m long, and 67.5m high in maximum. The powerhouse is within the dam, 75m long, 14m wide, and 12m high, and accommodates four sets of units. The spillway is furnished with five 7×12m orifices and is of flip bucket structure.

ZhongNan Hydropower Engineering Bureau (predecessor of HydroChina ZhongNan Engineering Corporation) performed geological exploration and testing for the project and participated in the design (design mainly by Beijing Hydropower Design Institute). The project was commenced on March 8, 1955 and was put into service at the end of 1957.