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Daguangba HPP

Daguangba HPP is located at Dongfang County of Hainan Province. Its dam site is 48km away from Basuo Port and 275km from Haikou City. Its earth dam is 5123m long and 55m high in maximum. With an installed capacity of 240MW, the project is the largest hydropower project in Hainan Province.
Its reservoir has a NPL of 140.0m, a total storage of 1.71 billion m3, and an effective storage of 1.315 billion m3 (carryover regulation). With an installed capacity of 240MW, a firm output of 34.2MW, and a mean annual energy output of 520 GWh, the project has brought about comprehensive benefits in terms of power generation, irrigation, water supply and tourism. 995,000 mu of farmland in the irrigation district is benefited from the project.
The catchment area above the dam site is 3498km2, the mean annual discharge 96.6m3/s, and mean annual runoff 3.07 billion m3.
Daguangba HPP is classified as Rank 1, with such salient structures as dam, intake for power station, headrace penstock, underground powerhouse, simple surge shaft and tailrace tunnel, tailrace channel, surface auxiliary plant, switch station, intake for high trunk canal of irrigation district and headwork power station. The dam consists of earth dams and concrete dams on both banks. As the longest one among the existing and undergoing dams in China, it has a total crest length of 5842m, of which earth dam 5123m long, and concrete dam 719m long. The maximum dam height is 55m. The 314.5m-long spillway dam section is arranged on the river channel to the left bank side, provided with 16 bays with 16 emerged radial gates.
The headrace power system is on the right bank. A manner of one penstock for one unit was adopted, so there were 4 dam-type intakes. The intakes were furnished with trashracks, bulkhead gates and quick-acting gates. The headrace penstocks are 5m in diameter and 105.5m long each and have maximum discharge 94m3/s. The underground powerhouse accommodates four sets of 60MW Francis turbo-generator units, sized at 87m14m37.5m (LWH).
The intake for high trunk canal of irrigation district was positioned in the non-overflow concrete dam section on the river course to the left bank side, with a design quotative discharge of 12m3/s and a maximum discharge of 15m3/s.