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Jinggangchong HPP

Jinggangchong HPP, located at Jinggangshan City of Jiangxi Province, is the most upstream cascade development on the left stream of Shushui River, a tributary of the Ganjiang River. It is mainly for power generation and concurrently for aquaculture and tourism and has a fine-stone concrete masonry double-curvature arch dam (92.5m high) and an installed capacity of 12MW. It was awarded silver prize for 2004 National Excellent Engineering Design.
The project has a catchment area of 48km2 above the dam site and a fully regulating reservoir (total storage 18.70 million m3). The power station is the only main power station for peaking, phase modulation and emergency standby for Jinggangshan City. It features in good regulating performance, no farmland inundated, and no relocatees and has such favorable conditions as being close to load center and easily accessible. It can meet the load growth demand of Jinggangshan City and play a positive role in boosting the development of industry, agriculture, township enterprise and tourism, improving the people’s livelihood, and promoting the economy of this old revolutionary base area.
Reservoir impoundment was started on September 30, 1992, and the first unit was put into operation on October 28 of the same year.
Main Technical Features:
Jinggangchong Dam is the highest existing masonry double-curvature arch dam in China. Not limited to the traditional parting approach for masonry arch dam, the designer arranged grouting transverse joints and impervious face slab wide joints for the arch dam. Thus the shape and foundation of the arch dam was optimized, and the work quantity was reduced to 198,000 m3 from 243,200 m3 in the previous design, and the excavation volume was cut to 181,500 m3 from 222,000 m3, saving 18.59% and 18.24%, respectively. In addition, the flood-release energy dissipation mode was optimized by adopting slit ski-jump energy dissipation. Good effect has been proven by years of operation. New experience in design of masonry dam (an old dam type) was obtained from the successful design of the project.