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Chenzhou Third Sewage Treatment Plant

  Chenzhou Third Sewage Treatment Plant, located in Chenzhou City of Hunan Province, has a total sewage treatment capacity of 180,000 tons per day and is planned to be built in three phases. The treatment capacity of Phase I is 45,000 tons per day.
   The plant covers an area of 7.48ha (112 mu), and its total design capacity is 180,000 m3/d. The plant is planned to be built in three phases, of which the capacities of Phase I (Year 2010), Phase II (2015) and Phase III (2020) are 45,000 m3/d, 45,000 m3/d, and 90,000 m3/d, respectively. The quality indexes of inflow to the plant are: CODcr=280mg/L; BOD5=130mg/L; SS=220mg/L; TN=30mg/L; NH3-N=20mg/L; TP=3mg/L, and the effluent from the plant can meet the requirements of Grade 1B as specified in GB18918-2002, Standard for Discharge of Pollutants from Urban Sewage Treatment Plants. Treatment technology of A2/O is adopted, and the dewatered sludge is transported to the wasteyard for urban domestic waste and subject to sanitary landfill.
   The consortium of HydroChina ZhongNan Engineering Corporation and Changsha Guozhen Water Treatment Co., Ltd. won the contract through competitive bidding on June 6, 2009 and signed the concession agreement on September 3, 2009. The investment for Phase I is 72.72 million yuan. The concession period is 26 years (including 1 year for construction). Phase I will be completed in June 2010 as scheduled, and then the consortium will continue the development and operation of Phase II and Phase III.