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Zuwara Housing Project in Libya

  Zuwara Housing Project in Libya is located in Zurara, 120km west of Tripoli, the capital of Libya in North Africa. The project has a floor area of 670 hectares and comprises 5000 housing units, service buildings, infrastructure, exterior works, and public service facilities. The overall floorage is 1.15 million m2, of which 1.00 million m2 is for housing and 150,000 m2 for service buildings. The housing units will be of reinforced concrete or brick-concrete structure, and structure of service buildings will be determined according to the findings of social demand investigation. The outdoor infrastructures will consist of roads, water supply and drainage pipelines, electric power and telecommunication lines, outdoor lighting, sewage treatment, landscaping and watering system. HydroChina ZhongNan Engineering Corporation won the EPC contract for this project, the contract price 978.20 million Libyan dinars, or about 5.88 billion yuan.。