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Heimifeng PSPS

Heimifeng Pumped Storage Power Station is located at Qiaoyi Town, Wangcheng County, Changsha in Hunan. It has an installed capacity of 1200MW and mainly plays the role of peaking, valley filling, frequency modulation, phase modulation, and emergency standby in Hunan power system.

The power station is located in Heimifeng Scenic Zone in the northern suburb of Changsha City of Hunan Province, close to Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan, the load center of Hunan grid. It enjoys a good geological location, only 25km north of Changsha downtown and less than 60km away from Xiangtan and Zhuzhou. The project has such main structures as an upper reservoir, a lower reservoir, and a headrace power system.

The construction of Heimifeng PSPS was commenced on April 28, 2005 and completed in October 2010.

Main Technical Features and Key Technical Issues:

(1) As the project is located in Heimifeng Scenic Zone, the relation between project development and environmental protection has been properly handled.

2) Key technology breakthrough was made in the design and construction of the inclined headrace tunnel. Due to the layout constraint, the inclined headrace tunnel of the project extended up to 423m long without any construction adit and straight section in between, and its excavation and concreting was a breakthrough in design and construction technology.