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Bailianhe PSPS

Bailianhe PSPS, upstream of the right abutment of Bailianhe reservoir in Bailianhe Township of Luotian County, has an installed capacity of 1200MW. Its powerhouse accommodates 4 sets of 300 MW single-stage single-speed reversible Francis pump-turbine motor-generator units. The power station has a rated head of 195m, design annual energy output of 624 GWh during peak hours, and design annual energy consumption for pumping 831 GWh during off-peak hours.

Main Technical Features and Key Technical Issues:

(1)Bailianhe PSPS is on the upstream side of the right abutment of Bailianhe reservoir, and the impact of blasting in construction on the existing structures was mitigated.

(2)Technologies on low-medium head pump-turbine motor-generator units were studied and applied.

(3)Reinforced concrete lining was adopted in the design of high-pressure bifurcated pipes.