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Tiantang PSPS

Tiantang PSPS in Luotian County of Hubei Province has an installed capacity of 70MW. It is the first pumped storage power station designed by HydroChina ZhongNan and was put into service in 2001.

The power station is a combined pumped storage one and is also the first pumped storage power station in Hubei Province and even in Central China. It utilizes the reservoirs of existing Tiantang I and Tiantang II power stations as its upper reservoir and lower reservoir, respectively. Under the design operation conditions, its annul energy consumption for pumping is 159.96 GWh and annul energy output 125.06 GWh. It mainly plays the role of peaking and valley filling in Hubei grid and has functions of phase modulation and emergency standby.

The construction of its main structures was officially commenced in August 1998. The two units were put into operation in December 2000 and February 2001, respectively. The power station was put into service in May 2001.