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Changsha Tianhan Grand Theatre

Changsha Tianhan Grand Theatre, located on the north side of Laodong Road at Houjiatang of Changsha City, is a large scale Grade A theatre, with a land area of 10,220m2, a floor area of 4,049m2, an overall floorage of 28,122m2, main building height of 24m, seating capacity of theatre 1,204 people, and seating capacity of concert hall 883 people. The project won the first prize of 2003 Excellent Urban-Rural Design of Hunan Province.

The grand theatre features in complicated structure. The three spatial systems, i.e., theatre, stage, and concert hall, and the 20m-span display gallery, form many large-span large-cantilever members. Steel reinforced concrete and other advanced technologies and computation methods were adopted in the design. The multi-function requirements and relations among the spatial systems: theatre (24.00m×34.50m), stage (24.00m×49.20m), concert hall (24.00m×36.20m), memorial hall (28.00m×21.20m), display gallery (spans 20.00m and 15.20m), east and west courtyards (24.00m×21.20m) were successfully handled. That not only ensured the structural safety and reliability, but also met the function and aesthetic requirements on the building.

Advanced constant-voltage frequency conversion equipment and technologies were employed in design of water supply and drainage system to ensure the reliability and automatic adjustability of water use for various purposes. As a condensedly populated public place, the grand theatre was furnished with fire hydrants, automatic sprinklers, deluge system and other fire control systems to ensure safety. In electrical design, the power distribution for large power loads such as stage power and lighting was controlled in a centralized way. Indoor and outdoor lighting was arranged combined with the architectural decoration, and bright effect was created with common energy-saving lights. Intelligent control system was adopted in aspects of fire alarming, smoke prevention and evacuation, security, stage effect, and data information. Central air conditioning was employed, and the theatre, stage, concert hall were of all-air system, and auxiliary rooms are of fresh air system. Prevention of impact of equipment noise on sound quality of halls was considered and strictly controlled in aspects of equipment type selec_tion, flow velocity control, pipeline sound insulation, and so on.

The exterior design of the grand theatre is magnificent, integrated and imposing. The exterior contour of the building is formed by four principal posts at the main elevation serving as vertical support, transverse corridors, and transparent glass roof of steel space truss structure. The building has both Chinese architectural style of being plain and modest, and western style of being open and modern. The elevation composition of principal posts and corridors and the decorated picture of the Great Wall fits in with the name of the grand theatre and skillfully points out its commemorative theme. The models of big cymbal, an ancient musical instrument, and azalea on the top of pillars embody the culture originated from Hunan and imply Changsha, a city of heroes.

HydroChina ZhongNan won the bid in 1998, and the building was completed and put into service in 2000.