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Tiechuanqiao HPP

 Tiechuanqiao HPP, located in Binchuan County of Yunnan Province, 1.2km upstream of Tiechuan Suspension Bridge, is the fourth cascade development on the Yupao River and has an installed capacity of 42MW. It is the first EPC project developed through open bidding by the five Chinese largest power corporations. The project has annual operation hours of 4602h, a firm output of 8.39MW, and an average annual energy output of 19,328kWh.
   A hybrid development manner was adopted for the project. The main structures include a RCC arch dam, a headrace system, and a surface powerhouse. The project is classified as Rank 3, the main structures Grade 3, and secondary structures Grade 4. The seismic fortification intensity is of magnitude VII. The RCC arch dam features in a dam crest elevation of 1274.5m, a crest length of 252.294m, and maximum height of 94.5m. The reservoir features in a NPL of 1272.00m, a total storage of 77.50 million m3, and an effective storage of 29.60 million m3.